Design & Technology

Design and Technology is a practical subject. Through creativity and imagination, pupils are given the experience of designing, making, testing and evaluating products. Design and Technology encourages pupils to develop an understanding of daily life and the world they live in. They are given the opportunity to question and reflect on how and why things work within our increasingly technological world. Pupils develop their personal skills by problem solving and developing a knowledge of health and safety. They also develop social skills by working and planning independently and as a team. Pupils work co-operatively in pairs or groups and persevere when completing tasks. They develop self-motivation and self-evaluation, taking pride and respecting their own work and that of others.

Cooking and Nutrition also plays a part in Design and Technology in ensuring pupils are being taught life-long skills in preparing food and applying the principles of nutrition and healthy eating to daily life.

This year we have decided to teach Design and Technology as part of a thematic curriculum in which our pupils will experience an understanding of how learning can be linked to a range of subject areas.


how to recognise what a product is and what it is used for. They will learn to describe how a product works, talk about the design and its features. They will explore a range of existing products and evaluate the design criteria. Pupils will use a range of tools, materials, textiles, ingredients and construction to make their product. They will be taught to prepare dishes using the basic principles of a healthy and varied diet, and will also be taught where food comes from.


to use research to inform their design choice, ensuring that they are fit for purpose. They will learn to communicate their ideas through discussion, sketches, diagrams and Computer Aided Design (CAD). Pupils will be encouraged to make their design by selecting from a wider range of tools and materials, including construction, textiles and ingredients. They will evaluate existing products and will use mechanical and electrical systems in their work. Pupils will understand and apply the principles of a healthy and varied diet. They will prepare and cook using a variety of cooking techniques and understand where a variety of ingredients are grown, reared and processed.