Gifted & Talented

Glossary of Terms


An exceptional intelligence or creative power or other natural ability or tendency that would be internationally recognised. (E.g. Mozart, Olympic medal winner, Oscar winner).


An intelligence or creative power or other natural ability or tendency that would be nationally recognised. (E.g. On the county or national team).


A recommended amount of the top 5-10% of age related intellectual or academic ability within the school (this may vary from year to year).


A recommended amount of the top 5-10% of age related practical or other creative power or other natural ability or tendency within the school.


A child with a disability or other special educational need, that is also gifted, talented, exceptionally able or genius in another area. (E.g. An autistic child with an exceptional calculating ability).


Children who have the potential to or who are working above age related expectations in academic or practical subject areas within school.

At St John Fisher Catholic Primary School, we value all children equally and endeavour to ensure that each child should have the opportunity to realise his/her potential in a challenging and supportive environment.

Our school will have, at any time, gifted and talented pupils, some of whom may be exceptionally able and this may be in one or more areas of learning.

Research has shown that making provision for gifted and talented pupils, the standards of achievement are raised for all pupils. Therefore, we aim to make provision in the curriculum for our gifted and talented children to enable them to develop their gifts and talents.

Our definition of gifted and talented recognises academic performance as well as those who show outstanding artistic, musical and creative talent, physical skills, leadership qualities and the ability to process ideas and information. It also recognises that a child may possess this potential although performance may not currently reflect this.

Provision within school: Where a child has been identified as gifted or talented, they will be supported with high expectations and activities within the classroom. Teachers will use a variety of techniques and strategies to provide for the gifted child. Outside agencies may be contacted to provide these pupils with more opportunities to pursue work at their own level. This may include:

  • Visiting experts using a range of materials and resources.
  • Visits/workshops from poets, writers, artists, musicians etc.
  • Use of subject specialists.
  • Use of coaches or tuition tutors (music, sports or actors).
  • Clubs at lunch time or after school.
  • Participation in competitions.
  • Activities with other schools within partnerships the school belongs to.

St John Fisher Catholic Primary School aims to provide a wide range of enrichment opportunities, that is updated every year.