At Saint John Fisher Primary School we want to encourage children to understand and value the world around through their experiences in their science lessons. In the course of practical sessions and group work they will investigate questions posed in class, make observations, apply their knowledge to situations they are familiar with and look for patterns in their findings.

Science lessons allow children to apply their learning in many other areas of the curriculum, including PE, English, Design and Maths. Finally, we want children to appreciate the awe and wonder of creation through science.

Following the wholesale revision of the National Curriculum in 2014, coverage of many of the subjects has now been reorganised to make the links across the curriculum distinct. This also allows the application of maths, English and IT within the afternoon Thematic Curriculum sessions. Science has been planned to fit into many of the Thematic Curriculum topics as listed below, each topic lasting a term. On occasions the science content does not fit easily within the chosen themes, so the science is taught separately during that term. (Marked * in the lists below).

Finally, although it does seem that some subjects appear more than once during Key Stage 1 and 2, the skills and content of each shows progression as the children get older.


It’s Good to be me

  • Body parts
  • Age and chronology
  • Materials and properties
  • Seasonal weather
  • Pets, naming animal types.

England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales

  • Parts of plants
  • Plants from different habitats

Oh I do Like to Be Beside the Seaside

  • Identify and name some animas and fish, amphibians, reptiles.
  • Carnivores, herbivores, omnivores.
  • Boats, linked to materials




Step Back in Time

  • Houses, materials and burning
  • Testing Materials


  • Food and hygiene
  • Being healthy.

Who Lives in a Place Like This?

  • Plants and habitats
  • Microhabitats
  • Food chains



  • Archaeology and skeletons
  • Invention of the wheel, forces
  • Grouping materials, wood, stone, metal, copper, iron.

Planet Earth

  • Rocks and fossils
  • Light
  • Magnets
  • Forces

Beyond City Limits

  • Plants growth an life cycles
  • Human diet and farming
  • Nutrition



  • Vibration and sound
  • Alexander Graham Bell and the telephone

The Roman Empire

  • Teeth
  • Digestion


  • Habitat
  • Food chains


Our Kingdom Come

  • States of matter
  • Dissolving and separating
  • Physical and chemical change
  • Properties of materials

Blast Off!

  • Forces, air resistance, friction ad gravity
  • Levers
  • The Solar system

All Change

  • Human Life cycles (Links to All That I Am topic in RE)
  • Life cycles in mammals, amphibians, insets and birds.


The Americas

  • Interdpendence and adaptation
  • Classification

The Blitz

  • Rationing, healthy eating


  • Human circulation
  • Health and lifestyle
  • Evolution