Aims, Ethos & Values

The ethos of this school is Catholic. The school was founded by the Catholic Church to provide education for the children of catholic families. The school is conducted by its governing body as part of the Catholic Church in accordance with its Trust Deed and Instrument and Government and seeks at all times to be a witness to Jesus Christ. We ask all parents applying for a place here to respect this ethos and its importance to the school community.

Our Mission Statement is ‘To live, love and learn in our caring community’

Our Aims Are:

  • To be a safe, happy, caring community of learners
  • To help all individuals regardless of their race, gender or disability to acquire the skills and knowledge needed to achieve their full potential in a rapidly changing world
  • To develop understanding of and respect for a wide range of religious values, languages and cultural traditions and different ways of life
  • To encourage an enjoyment of life-long learning
  • To encourage positive parental and community involvement
  • To promote healthy lifestyles
  • To provide a curriculum that is stimulating, broad, balanced, innovative and creative
  • To celebrate achievement

Reflecting Our Values

The school aims to provide excellence in education and to ensure that children develop a love of learning, and grow emotionally, intellectually and academically. In this respect our identity is strongly linked to Saint John Fisher, who it could be said embodied these values. Saint John Fisher was an English Catholic bishop and theologian. He was a man of learning, associated with the intellectuals and political leaders of his day, and eventually became Chancellor of the University of Cambridge.